Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Nature Feels Again

Hey darlings, I’m back with my first outfit post in a long time. This one is called “Nature Feels Again” because I did a post before Called Nature Feels. But  this outfit feels more like nature. I love the Hippie old Western sometimes tribal look. So on my way just out and about in my neighborhood I had to stop and get some pictures of this outfit. Its so HIPPIE, IL LOVE IT. Enjoy some more pictures of “Nature Feels Again”. LLS Hope you like it.

Outfit Break Down -- Top to Bottom
-HAT- Forever21
-SUNGLASSES- ( channeling Chanel glasses)
-SHIRT- Marshall’s
-BRA(UNDERNEATH)- Victoria Secret
-BOTTOM-Juicy Couture
-SHOES- Betsey Johnson

Asses. Break Down
-MULTI COLORED GOLD RING- Vintage (grandma’s ring)
-EARRINGS-  Gifted
-CROSS RING- Forever21
-WOODEN BANGLE- Handmade for me
-SMALL WOODEN BANGLE- Gift from Jamaica (the homeland)

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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hello Darlings , I'M BACK
Sorry I have been from my blog for so long (I truly missed you guys). I had to take some time off for school and holidays. But I'm back and I going to make this blog better than how we started off. More outfit post, more celebrity fashion, more fashion period. I will be introducing some new things because I want everybody to get involved. I will be doing a fashion star of the week. Anybody is able to enter by submitting a photo of your best and most fashionable outfit of the week. On Friday I will post the winner, who would be decided by me. I'm back so lets start posting darlings. All my info is listed below and join any of them and feel free to hit me up about anything ,ask questions , give suggestions, or just say hi.

Just a Preview of My first Post Back
More Pictures coming soon

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