Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cotton Highs

Before I went off to work at the school I noticed that I loved what I had on. Cotton Highs is the name for this one. On a warm fall day in DC, I love this time of year.
                    The Outfit
The outfit: Well, it’s kind of a weird story of how I got these amazing jeans. They came from Urban Outfitters (my favorite store in the world) and I was really looking for a regular pair of high waist jeans that are flared. I wanted to get some with dark denim but found these amazing extremely light denim jeans. So instead of my dark washed jeans I got these. I believe the color of them make them quiet unique and me. I wanted a 70’s style jean but I got an up-dated version. My super fav shirt that I wear at least once a month I got from Forever 21 when I was looking for professional blouses but ended up with this shirt. It’s so comfortable and I just love it. By the way it’s pinstriped which made it cuter. If you been on my blog I’m you have seen my beige Steve Madden Wedges, they really the only cute shoes that I will wear to work with my preschoolers ( if you didn’t know I’m a preschool teacher). Hope you enjoy the pictorial of “Cotton Highs”.

**Shirt—Forever21**Pants—Urban Outfitters**Shoes—Steve Madden**

Ear-Cuff—Urban Outfitters**Earrings—Hm**Bracelet—Hand made in Jamaica (My dads from there but my mom went and brought it back) **Ring—Hand made in Mexico (My mom brought it back for me) **

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holy Tribe

On one average day this is what I look like. Just brought this amazing t-shirt from the best store ever (Urban's). I have fallen in love with the t-shirt company's from Truly Madly Deeply. I feel like buying all their t-shirts especially the over-sized ones like the one in this picture. On this wonderful day I wasn’t feeling to good but its was warm and beautiful outside so I got out my bed in went out for a lovely walk and then went to the haunted house later on ..This was awesome. Enjoy my pictorial of “Holy Tribe”.

**T-Shirt--Urban OutFitters **
**Shorts--Thrift Store **
** Blue Tights-- Betsey Johnson **
** Wedges-- Steve Madden **

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Number 9 Most Influential Fashion Icon : Kelis

Number 9 on my "Most Influential Fashion Icons" is............

Miss Kelis

I love absolutely love her. I cut my hair because she did. No not for some bodies Rihanna. Avant-Garde is something I love and she rocks it amazingly in everyway. She is not afraid to be different and try wild things. Kelis is very daring and doesn’t follow behind anybodies fashion rules. This earned her the number 9 spot on my list and for that here are some of her best outfits......

Enjoy Darlings.......

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Unusual Jewlery

There is a crave for werid and unusual jewlry. I love different things and wanted toshare them with you.

                            An Earlace is a Earring connected by a chain that forms an Necklace

My Earlaces....Here are some in stores

1. $ 9.99

2.  $10.99

3. $38.99
                 Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuff are these ear hangers...

1. $18
2. $18
3. $70
              Chained Rings
Rings chained together......
Enjoy Darlings........

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Number 10

~~Hey I wanted to introduce the world to the "Most Fashion Influential Icon's"........To ME!!!!!.....I will be counting down the top 10 fashion icons.........

Today I want to start out with number 10 on my list........................

Natalia Kills

She is everything I love. Her Avant-Garde style mixed in with a killer rocker punch. I love all the over the top out of the ordinary outfits. I get mad people say she is trying to be another Lady Gaga. This is so not true. I love her style and her are some of her best outfits

....Enjoy Darlings Muah

Next week I will post number 9 on the list............

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nature Feels

I Love Nature and I Live In A Nature Reserve Park...I Love Walking Thru The Woods And Just Being Inside Nature.. Here Is My Pictorial Of How Nature Feels..

One beautiful Marylamd afternoon, a nature lover wandered into the forest. A handsome prince came to find her......Nae it's just me. Out For a walk in the park ...

(T-Shirt-Urbanoutfitters**Dress-T.J.Maxx**Wedges-Steve Madden**)

Thank You And Hope You Enjoyed Darlings.......