Friday, May 11, 2012

Street Ballet: Lost Ballerina

Many years through out my life I've done different types of dances. But the one I loved so much was Ballet. Any article of clothing that reminds me of Ballet I love. It was just a peaceful day in Park before I went out for lunch with my parents.
                                                          Enjoy Darlings.......

                                         OutFit BreakDown
                                         ~Jacket~ *Nasty Gal*
                                         ~Tank~ * Forever 21*
                                          ~Skirt~ *Tobi* (favorite new site)
                                         ~ Ballet Flats~ * Pac Sun*

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello, Darlings

I just wanted to share my inspirations for  my next outfit post. I will be doing this before every outfit post now on. It helps you guys get a clear view of what I think about before I wear it.

Enjoy : Outfit will be posted tomorrow!!!

Here are few of my favorite pictures that remind me of  "Street Ballet". All pictures are off google. Copy right belongs to the people who took the pictures not me. :)