Monday, May 14, 2012

Childhood Freedom

Let's be free. This is the whole idea of childhood freedom that came to me when I found this old playground where I live.I've never played there before. So on this beautiful sunny spring day, me and my little bro went down the playground and had some much fun. He reminded me of how free I was when I was a child.As a child your free to be yourself and have no one judging you at all. I'm taking back my FREEDOM , one fashion post at a time.

Enjoy Darlings

                                             ~Dress~ * Wet Seal*
                                ~ T-Shirt~ * T.J.Maxx*
                                ~Moccasin's~ * Urban Outfitter's*

                                               ~Cuff~ *Foreve21*
                               ~ Rings~ *Forever21*