Monday, October 10, 2011

Latest October Magazine Cover's

Every Month I Will Start Posting The Newest And Hottest Magazine Covers From Around The World ....Check Them Out.....These Are Just The Ones I Love....All Covers Are Copyright By and should be linked back to them...Thank You

Magazine : Self Service F/W 2011
Model : Arizona Muse
Photographer : Alasdair McLellan
-- What I like most is the simpiness of the photo… love leopard print jacket….

Magazine : Vogue Turkey
Model : Edita Vilkeyiciute
Photographer: Emma Summerton
---  The lights in the background are what caught my attention in this photo… Edita Vilkeyiciute looks like a upper east side doll…Amazing cover…styling was amazing…love it..

Magazine : Vogue Hellas
Model : Ieva Laguna
Photographer : Koray Birand

--- Very Mad Man inspired…The classiness of this photo is amazing and to die for… Love the retro factor…A Timeless Cover…Well done

Magazine : The Last Magazine F/W
Model : Joan Smalls
Photographer : Karim Sadi

--- Not to Familiar with the Magazine (embarrassing to say) but this cover just stood out…breath taking…its simple but yet it catches your attention…This is my Fav of the month…Miss Joan Smalls looks phenomenal and timeless and dreamy and oooo just freckin perfect…Love Love Love it…Excellent job Karim Sadi for capturing such a beautiful picture…Im in love with Joan Smalls after this photo( P.S. but still not gay…lls)

Magazine : Vogue Italia
Model : Karen Elson
Photographer : Steven Meisel

---Breath Taking photo…Karen Elson look dreamy and the photo gives off a Winter is coming vibe…The hair and make-up was done perfect….lovely…Vogue Italia always delivers

Magazine : Numero
Model : Karmen Pedaru
Photographer : Greg Kadel

--- Dark…Seduction…Edgy…but yet Chic….All the Factors I love in a Good Cover and Numero captured all of it…Numero usually has very creative covers and this one is one of my favs…excellent

Magazine : Elle France
Model : The Legandary Miss Kate Moss
Photographer : Sonia Sieff

--- It’s Kate Moss, What more can I say… One of the greatest models of our generation….She look incredible as all ways…I Love It enough said… ugh Lust

Magazine : Numero China
Model : Liya Kebede
Photographer : Tiziano Magni

--- Something about this cover just turns me out…I love it… but I cant say why… IDK..just another awesome cover from Numero..

Magazine: Pony Step Issue #2 F/W
Models : Donatella Versace , Elvira & Dame Edna
Photographers : Miles Aldridge , Matt Irwin & Alice Hawkins
--- This is just the second issue from Ponystep and their quickly becoming one of my favorite magazines… You can see from the covers they are anything but ordinary and I Love It… Amazing covers.. The legendary Miss Donatella Versace ( One of My Fav Designers of all time) looks incredible…These Covers are one of the best of all October covers..

Magazine : Vogue Paris
Model : Sasha Pivovarova
Photographer : Mert & Marcus

--- First thing, Why is this Sasha Pivovarova first cover of Vogue Paris?…IDK but what them so long…she look lovely in this photo… I mean I want to go and bye that dress( which I believe is Versace) right off her body just so I look as incredible as her…which is her job to make feel like this and I just love it..

More Covers At on my blog To Tell Me The Cover You Love Most
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