Friday, October 7, 2011

KWest By Kanye West

Okay I Love Kanye West And Could Not Wait For His Collection.....Overall I Loved the Clothes
But The Fashion Show Has An Whole Was A Little Confusing...I Fashion Show Is Susposed To Tell A Story And Have A Flow From Piece To Piece But Hey It Was His First Show.....Major Things I Liked Was The Different Textures And The Use Of Hard/Soft....All The Pants Were Amazing And Would Wear All Of Them Exspecially The Silver Pants And The Blue Ones....The Dresses Were Great Too Loved That They Were Sexy But Not Sluttly..Great Collection ....HighLights Of The Collection....My Favs And The Worsties.......Enjoy Darlings...

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My Fav OutFit of The Whole Collection....Love The Leather Pants And The Toughest Of This Plus The Splash Of Luxury With The Fur. Of Cousre Chanel Iman Looks Amazing..Love The All Black With The Different Textures And The Added Color With The Fur. Excellent!!!

Lust For This Dress....Love It

Def The Worst Outfit Of The Collection..Reminds Me Of Diapers Or IDK..It Looks Thrown Together

Lust For This Color

The Man Of The Hour...Love You Kanye..

                                                       Good-Bye Darlings.....kisses kisses

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  1. am still not felling Kwest collection :/
    awesome blog though x